Best Tiger Fishing on Jozini Dam

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Lake Jozini Tiger Fishing

The jewel in Tandweni Villa’s crown is its abundant tiger fishing. Experience the thrill of tiger fishing on Jozini Dam, home to an impressive population of Tiger Fish. Known for its incredible size, these African game-fish can reach weights exceeding 9 kg. Fishing enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline rush will delight in the intense strikes and vigorous fights that come with targeting Tiger Fish.


Boasting an impressive variety of 27 fish species, Jozini Dam offers a prime opportunity for avid anglers. Widely regarded as the world’s premier freshwater fighting fish, the Tiger Fish presents a memorable challenge.


(Please be aware that catching Tiger Fish for consumption is strictly prohibited, and all fish must be released after capture.)

tiger fishing on jozini dam
tiger fishing on jozini dam

Best time for Tiger Fishing on Jozini Dam

Experience the thrill of catching tiger fish on jozini dam during their spawning months from September to November. These fierce predators are known to spawn in fast flowing waters upstream, making it the perfect opportunity to target the larger females as they journey towards their breeding sanctuaries. With temperatures soaring above 20 degrees and the onset of refreshing rains, this is an idyllic time for your tiger fishing adventure.


Don’t miss out on the action during the hot months of December to February. While the weather reaches its peak, the fishing remains excellent. Take advantage of shorter fishing sessions, focusing on the early morning and late afternoon periods when the conditions are more favorable. Embrace the challenge and excitement of reeling in these powerful fish during this time.


As the seasons transition to March through May, the tiger fish are busy bulking up for the upcoming winter months. It’s a prime time of the year to track them down and test your angling skills. Additionally, from June to August, there are still opportunities to catch these remarkable creatures. Keep in mind that their activity might be influenced by the climate, as a sudden drop in temperature can temporarily slow down their feeding response.

Tips for Tiger Fishing on Lake Jozini

Below are some tips on catching tiger fish on Jozini Dam while staying at Tandweni Villa.

Knowing When to Strike: While free spooling is a commonly employed tactic, it’s crucial to recognize the perfect timing for striking. There are moments when an immediate strike is necessary, while in other instances, it’s advisable to set the hook once and let the tiger fish take some drag. If you observe the fish swimming away, skillfully apply pressure to maintain the hook’s position and consider re-striking only when the tiger fish changes direction.


Maintain a Low Rod Tip: Throughout the thrilling fight, it’s imperative to keep the rod tip positioned downward. A tiger fish grants you approximately three seconds before its first spectacular jump, exploiting any slack in your line. Be prepared and automatically drop the rod tip to minimize the chances of losing your catch.


Strategic Spot Selection: Instead of trying to cover the entire expanse of Lake Jozini during your stay, take a patient and calculated approach. Utilize your fish finder while trawling the area to identify potential hotspots. Once you’ve chosen a position, drop around a kilogram of sardines, taking into account the boat’s positioning in relation to wind direction and current.

Additionally, be mindful of any obstacles that could give the tiger fish an advantage. To lure them away from their fighting ground, scatter chum at a slight distance before returning to the chosen spot. Repeat this process in different areas, allocating approximately 10 minutes per spot. If unsuccessful, move on to the next location. During the early and late hours, focus on shallower spots (around 4 – 5 meters), while deeper chummed spots (8 – 10 meters) are more suitable when the sun is high. By covering this range of depths, you maximize your chances of success during your tiger fishing expedition.


Diversify Your Bait Selection: It’s wise to carry a diverse range of baits on board for increased versatility. When using artificial bait, target areas with structures that attract tiger fish. If you’re fishing in holes, ensure that your lure effectively reaches the desired depth. Surprisingly, up to 60% of anglers’ offerings fail to reach the optimal strike zone. To address this, allow spinners to drop while giving out line, allowing them to work their magic throughout the entire water column.

tiger fishing on jozini dam
tiger fishing jozini

Tiger Fishing Packages

Book a 3-night stay in tiger fishing season (November – March) and get a complementary half-day tiger fishing trip.

  • Weather permitting
  • Self-catering only
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